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I was born in the USA in 1975, and immigrated to Israel in 1979. Married to Vered, father of Or and Yali. In 1998 I started my medical studies in the Hebrew University and in 2001, after I was very impressed by the work of Prof. Hagai Bergman and his students, I joined the M.D-Ph.D program under his supervision. My Ph.D thesis is entitled "The sunstantia nigra reticulata in normal and dyskinetic states"

This research involved multiple electrode extracellular recordings in the basal ganglia of monkeys before, during and after they developed transient involuntary movements as a consequence of pharmacological treatment. I hope this research will contribute to the lives of patients with Tourette’s syndrome and other tic disorders, patients suffering from tardive dyskinesia due to neuroleptic treatment, and parkinsonian patients with levodopa-induced dyskinesia. At the end of the experiments the monkeys were sent to a primate sanctuary.

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