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Dopamine molecule The convention took place at the Konrad Adenauer conference Center, Mishkenot-Sha'ananim, in the beautiful Yemin Moshe quarter of Jerusalem, on the 26-28 of June  2005.

Hagai Bergman (The Hebrew University Faculty of Medicine, ISRAEL)
Mark Gluck (Newark Neuroscience Center, Rutgers University, USA)

Click here for a press release item from Rutgers-Newark online.


The Hebrew University, Teva Pharmaceuticals, Alpha Omega Group, NIH (National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, National Institute on Drug Abuse), Rutgers University – Newark, The Alafi Family Foundation, Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation, Lowenstein Foundation.

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Trevor Robbins (Cambridge University, UK) Dopamine-dependent functions of the basal ganglia in cognition: studies in rats, monkeys and humans.

Nathaniel Daw (UC. London, UK) Different computational strategies for learning in the cortex and basal ganglia.

Daphna Shohamy (Stanford, USA) Basal Ganglia - Medial Temporal Lobe Interaction in Learning and Transfer Generalization.

Mark Gluck (Rutgers-Newark, USA) The Cognitive Neuroscience of Associative Learning with Error-Correcting Feedback.

Paul Bolam (Oxford, UK) Functional anatomy of dopamine and the basal ganglia.

Alim Louis Benabid (Grenoble, France) Neurosurgical treatments of Parkinson’s disease and movement disorders.

Daphna Joel (Tel Aviv University, Israel) The role of dopamine in stopping behavior.

Thomas Boraud (Univ. Bordeaux, France) Interaction between cognitive and motor information in the basal ganglia.

David Eidelberg (North Shore, LI, USA) Comparative effects of levodopa and deep brain stimulation on brain network modulation in Parkinson's disease.

Jean Saint-Cyr (Toronto, Canada) Dopamine, learning and gambling in Parkinson's disease: A clinical perspective.

Suszanne Haber (Rochester, USA) 3D Reconstructions of cortico-striatal pathways demonstrate a complex interface between functional circuits.

Hagai Bergman (Hebrew University, Israel) Learning to decide: Dopamine and basal ganglia networks in the normal and the Parkinsonian brain.












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