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Journal club resources

The daily abstract project

Surgery procedures


STN demarcation by HMM (Zipped MatLab format)

20 Kb


GOdist analysis (Zipped MatLab format)

601 Kb


GOdist analysis instructions (Adobe Acrobat format)

12 Kb


Prior pallidotomy modifies STN activity (Zipped MatLab format)

12 Kb


Eyes state detection (ESD) algorithm (Zipped MatLab format)

4 Mb


Shuffling methods (Zipped MatLab format)

8 Kb


Sleep BG slow wave de-synchronization

412 Mb


Note that EKMD authentication is in order and access to the folders will be granted only to lab members.

Past conferences:

The Basal Ganglia, Dopamine and Learning: Integrating Computational and Clinical Perspectives, Mishkenot Sha'ananaim, Jerusalem June 26-28, 2005 [Click here to learn more].




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